Руководство по эксплуатации Brother 882-W01

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Brother 882-W01

Устройство: Brother 882-W01
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Руководство по эксплуатации Brother 882-W01
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Operation Manual
Please visit us at http://solutions.brother.com where you can get product
support and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs).
Embroidery and Sewing Machine
Operation Manual
Product Code: 882-W01/W02
Printed in Taiwan

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Trademarks ® FlashFX is a registered trademark of Datalight, Inc. ® FlashFX Copyright 1998-2007 Datalight, Inc. U.S.Patent Office 5,860,082/6,260,156 ® FlashFX Pro™ is a trademark of Datalight, Inc. ® Datalight is a registered trademark of Datalight, Inc. Copyright 1989-2007 Datalight, Inc., All Rights Reserved Video powered by Mobiclip™ encoding and playback technology. “Adobe” and “Adobe Reader” are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States

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INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Thank you for purchasing this embroidery and sewing machine. Before using this machine, carefully read the “Important Safety Instructions”, and then study this manual for the correct operation of the various functions. In addition, after you have finished reading this manual, store it where it can quickly be accessed for future reference. IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Please read these safety instructions before attempting to use the machine. This machine is intend

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 5 Special care is required when sewing: • Always pay close attention to the needle. Do not use bent or damaged needles. � Keep fingers away from all moving parts. Special care is required around the machine needle. � Switch the sewing machine to the symbol “O” position to turn it off when making any adjustments in the needle area. � Do not use a damaged or incorrect needle plate, as it could cause the needle to break. � Do not push or pull the fabric when sewing, a

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS FOR USERS IN THE UK, EIRE, MALTA AND CYPRUS ONLY IMPORTANT • In the event of replacing the plug fuse, use a fuse approved by ASTA to BS 1362, i.e. carrying the mark, rating as marked on plug. • Always replace the fuse cover. Never use plugs with the fuse cover omitted. • If the available electrical outlet is not suitable for the plug supplied with this equipment, you should contact your authorized dealer to obtain the correct lead. FOR USERS IN AC INPUT 220-240

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Declaration of Conformity (For USA Only) Responsible Party: Brother International Corporation 100 Somerset Corporate Boulevard Bridgewater, NJ 08807-0911 USA TEL : (908) 704-1700 declares that the product Product Name: Brother Sewing Machine Model Number: NV6000D This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and (2

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IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS WARNING LABEL The following warning label is on the included side cutter. Be sure to observe the precaution. CAUTION • When using the side cutter, sew between low and mid-speed and do not touch the knives or operation lever of the side cutter while sewing to avoid equipment damage or injury. a Guide plate (lower knife) b Upper knife c Operation lever Label location v

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OUTSTANDING FEATURES Checking the Needle Location in Edge Sewing the Screen Using the built-in camera, the width of the area from the edge of the fabric to the stitching line can You can check the needle drop position on the be measured and set for edge sewing. screen of your machine, even if the needle has not See “Edge Sewing” on page 138. actually been lowered. Also, you can view the location of the needle within the sewing area in the screen. See “Checking the Needle Location in the Sc

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Using the Built-In Camera to Print and Stitch (Combining the Align the Embroidering Position Embroidery and Printing) Completed embroidery patterns can be combined with printed backgrounds that are built into this machine. The embroidering position can easily be aligned Beautiful three-dimensional embroidered designs by using the machine’s built-in camera and the can be created by ironing a background onto enclosed embroidery positioning sticker. fabric or printing it onto printable fabri

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WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THIS MACHINE Getting Ready Sewing Basics To learn the operation of the principal parts and the To learn how to prepare for sewing and basic sewing screens operations Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Page 11 Page 59 Utility Stitches Character/Decorative Pre-programmed with more than 100 frequently used Stitches stitches The variety of stitches widen your creativity Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Page 77 Page 145 Embroidery Embroidery Edit Maximum 30 cm × 20 cm (approx. 12 × 8 inches) for Designs

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HOW TO USE THIS MANUAL Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 explain your sewing machine’s basic operation procedures for someone who is using the sewing machine for the first time. If you want to sew utility stitches or character/ decorative stitches, read Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, then go on to Chapter 3 (Utility Stitches) or Chapter 4 (Character/ Decorative Stitches). When you are ready to begin using the embroidery function after reading Chapter 1 and Chapter 2, proceed to Chapter 5 (Embroidery). Once y

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CONTENTS CONTENTS Needle Position – Stitch Placement....................................... 74 INTRODUCTION...................................................i Locking the Screen ............................................................... 74 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS ..................i Checking the Needle Location in the Screen......................... 75 OUTSTANDING FEATURES .................................vi WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH THIS MACHINE...viii Chapter 3 Utility Stitches 77 HOW T

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CONTENTS Recalling from USB Media.................................................. 177 EMBROIDERY APPLICATIONS......................... 256 Recalling from the Computer .............................................. 179 Using a Frame Pattern to Make an Appliqué (1)...................256 Using a Frame Pattern to Make an Appliqué (2)...................257 Chapter 5 Embroidery 181 Sewing Split Embroidery Patterns ........................................259 BEFORE EMBROIDERING ......................

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NAMES OF MACHINE PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS NAMES OF MACHINE PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS The names of the various parts of the sewing machine and their functions are described below. Before using the sewing machine, carefully read these descriptions to learn the names of the machine parts. Machine ■ Front View ■ Right-side/Rear View a Handle Carry the sewing machine by its handle when transporting the machine. b Presser foot lever a Top cover Raise and lower the presser foot lever to raise and lo

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NAMES OF MACHINE PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS Needle and Presser Foot Section Measurements on the needle plate, bobbin cover (with mark) and needle plate cover The measurements on the bobbin cover are references for patterns with a middle (center) needle position. The measurements on the needle plate and the needle plate cover are references for stitches with a left needle position. a Buttonhole lever The buttonhole lever is used with the one-step buttonhole foot to create buttonholes. (page

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NAMES OF MACHINE PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS Embroidery Unit Operation Buttons a Carriage The carriage moves the embroidery frame automatically when embroidering. (page 184) a “Start/Stop” button b Release button (located under the embroidery unit) Press the release button to remove the embroidery unit. Press this button and the machine will sew a few stitches at a (page 185) slow speed and then begin sewing at the speed set by the sewing speed controller. Press the button again to stop the

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NAMES OF MACHINE PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS Place the lid on top of the case so that the b Using the Flat Bed Attachment notches in the lid align with the tabs on the case, and then slide the bar on each side back to the center of the accessory case. Pull the top of the flat bed attachment to open the accessory compartment. Using the Accessory Case ■ Opening the Accessory Case Fully slide the bar on each side of the accessory case, and then lift off the lid to open the case. The case can onl

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NAMES OF MACHINE PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS For your convenience, a presser foot storage tray can be stored in the accessory compartment of the Using the Embroidery Unit flat bed attachment. Carrying Case Included accessories 43-46 are contained in the embroidery unit carrying case. To open the embroidery unit carrying case, raise each lock and move the latches out of position. To re-hook the latches and securely close the case, position the latch on the catch of the unit lid and lower th

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NAMES OF MACHINE PARTS AND THEIR FUNCTIONS 123 45 6 7 8 9 1011 1213 1415 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 75/11 2 needles 90/14 2 needles 75/11 90/14 2 needles: 2.0/11 needle Ball point needle (gold colored) 2 needles 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43* 44* 48 49 50 51 52 45* 46* 47 *Included Accessories 43-46 are contained in the embroidery unit carrying case. 6

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