Руководство по эксплуатации Allmand Allmond Nite-Lite Pro Vertical Tower V Series

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Allmand Allmond Nite-Lite Pro Vertical Tower V Series

Устройство: Allmand Allmond Nite-Lite Pro Vertical Tower V Series
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Руководство по эксплуатации Allmand Allmond Nite-Lite Pro Vertical Tower V Series
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P.O. BOX 888
PHONE: 308/995-4495, 1-800/562-1373
ALLMAND FAX: 308/995-5887
ALLMAND PARTS FAX: 308/995-4883

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INSPECTION CHECK LIST FOR PREPARING THE NIGHT-LITE PROV SERIES FOR DELIVERY OR RENTAL The NIGHT-LITE PRO V SERIES requires service as well as proper operation in order to provide the performance and safety it has been designed for. Never deliver or put a ma- chine into service with known defects or missing instructions or decals. Always instruct the customer in the proper operation and safety procedures as described in the operator’s manual. Always provide the manual with the equipment fo

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TABLE OF CONTENTS INSPECTION CHECK LIST ........................................................................................................2 TABLE OF CONTENTS ..............................................................................................................3 INTRODUCTION .........................................................................................................................4 SAFETY SYMBOL INFORMATION ..............................................................

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INTRODUCTION  This manual provides the information necessary for the safe operation of the Allmand Bros., Inc., NIGHT-LITE PRO V Series light tower.  The NIGHT-LITE PRO vertical tower configuration is operated with a single electric winch, a manual winch, or a hydraulic cylinder to raise and lower the tower.  Specific operating instructions and specifications are contained in this publication to fa- miliarize the operator and maintenance personnel with the correct and safe procedures nece

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SAFETY AND WARNING DECALS PART NO. 090158 PART NO. 090163 PART NO. 090166 Location: Inside left hand Location: Inside left hand Location: Side panel on door panel. door panel. manual winch models. PART NO. 090084 PART NO. 090162 PART NO. 090165 Location: AC control panel. Location: Inside left hand Location: On ballast access cover. door panel. PART NO. 090133 Location: Inside left hand panel below ground lug. PART NO. 090159 PART NO. 090474 Location: Above battery Location: Right side pan

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ELECTRIC WINCH VERTICAL MAST OPERATION DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION BEFORE RAISING MAST, VISU- ALLY INSPECT EQUIPMENT FOR The Allmand NIGHT-LITE V Series tower as- DAMAGE OR WEAR. FAMILIARIZE sembly consists of a seven section telescop- YOURSELF WITH THE LOCATION ing mast which can be extended by operating AND FUNCTION OF ALL OPERAT- ING PARTS BY STUDYING THIS a single electric winch mounted inside the MANUAL. OBSERVE ALL CAU- enclosure. The winch and cable are protected TION DECALS LOCATED

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ELECTRIC WINCH VERTICAL MAST OPERATION NOTE: Ensure the detent pins are prop- 6. Operate the electric winch switch to the erly engaged in the outriggers before “up” position to raise tower to the de- sired height. towing. AUXILIARY HANDLE 7. If lights need to be adjusted for better An emergency crank handle is provided lighting of the work zone after raising the tower, lower the tower using the “down” switch position and make desired adjust- 1. Remove the electrical power from the ments t

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ELECTRIC WINCH ADJUSTMENT ELECTRIC WINCH CLUTCH SETTING PROCEDURE PURPOSE 1. Adjustment of the winch clutch nut is necessary to limit the power of the winch. The clutch nut must be tight enough to prevent clutch slippage when raising the tower and loose enough so that the clutch does slip if the tower should come in contact with some overhead obstruction or be extended past the upper limit switch which would cause the tower to stop against the dead stop bolt. 2. The clutch nut torque valu

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HYDRAULIC LIFT VERTICAL MAST OPERATION DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION The Allmand NIGHT-LITE V Series hydraulic TO SET UP TOWER AND RAISE lift tower assembly consists of a seven sec- LIGHTS tion telescoping mast which can be extended 1. Extend both side outrigger jacks, rear jack by operating a single hydraulic cylinder. and tongue jack to stabilize and level the trailer. The light bar assembly can be rotated into position by releasing the light bar park pin. NOTE: Jacks should be placed only o

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HYDRAULIC LIFT VERTICAL MAST OPERATION 5. Reposition the lamp fixtures for transport 6. Operate the hydraulic lift switch to the by pulling them down into the lowest posi- “up” position to raise tower to the de- tion and face the sired height. fixtures toward the center of the trailer. 6. Remove ground rod from earth. Discon- 7. If lights need to be adjusted for better nect wire from ground lug and secure in lighting of the work zone after raising the trailer tower, lower the tower using

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HYDRAULIC TOWER POWER UNIT POWER UNIT INSTALLATION & START UP PROCEDURE Fill the reservoir with automatic transmission fluid or any clean hydraulic fluid having a viscosity index that is suitable for the climatic conditions in which the unit will be operated. Recommended operating temperature range is +20° F to +180° F. GENERAL START UP INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: The ports are marked on the casting ‘UP’ and ‘DN’. When facing the power unit with the motor up, plug the right hand, or ‘DN’ port. Jog

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VERTICAL TOWER ADJUSTMENTS VERTICAL TOWER CORNER GUIDE BLOCK ADJUSTMENT 1. Make sure the corner guide block cover plate is on top of the UHMW (plastic) corner friction block and a 3/8 internal star washer is between the block and the mounting flange of the tower. This washer is necessary to insure a grip between the friction block and the metal flange of the tower. 2. Use 1/8” spacers to center the inside tower in the middle of the outside tower. SEE ILLUSTRATION. 3. Using a .010” shim

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MANUAL WINCH VERTICAL MAST OPERATION DESCRIPTION OF OPERATION 3. While the tower is still in the down position, position the light bar and lamps so they are SAFETY WARNING aimed at the work zone and tilted at the  ALWAYS CHECK FOR OVERHEAD OB- approximate angle to get maximum cover- STRUCTIONS BEFORE RAISING AND age once the tower is raised. LOWERING MAST. ALLOW 35' CLEAR- 4. Stand clear of the tower when raising and ANCE. AVOID ALL OVERHEAD ELEC- lowering the lights. TRICAL WIRES. 5. T

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SPECIFICATIONS  Low oil pressure and high engine temperature shut-downs are standard equipment. Both The Kubota, CAT, and Lombardini diesel are equipped with glow plug cold start as- sist as standard equipment. NOTE: See the appropriate section of this manual for cold weather starting instructions or consult the Operators Manual for your particular engine application. Horsepower ratings are established in accordance with Society of Automotive Engineers Small Engine Test Code- J1349 GROSS. 15 1

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SPECIFICATIONS GENERATOR  7.5 kw and 8 kw models available  60 hz and 50 hz models available FUEL REQUIREMENTS Use a clean No. 2 Diesel fuel oil (SAE J313 JUN87) according to ASTM D975. Do not use alternative fuel, because its quality is unknown or it may be inferior in quality,and kerosene, which is very low in cetane rating, adversely effects the engine. Refer to the Kubota, CAT, or Isuzu Operators Manual for more detailed fuel requirements. LOMBARDINI LUBRICATION CHART

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SPECIFICATIONS TRAILER The engine-generator set is housed in a bunded two wheel trailer fabricated from heavy gauge steel. The design enables the trailer to contain the outriggers in a simple, com- pact position. MAST When the mast is in the operating position it is located in the middle of a three point outrigger system for optimum balance and stability. The mast consists of seven fabricated steel sections that telescope to 25 ft and UHMW plastic guide pads to provide smooth operation and r

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STARTING INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE STARTING: 1. Fill the engine with the right grade of lubricating oil (refer to the proper page of this manual or the Kubota, CAT, or Lombardini diesel operators manual for oil specifications) 2. Ensure there is an adequate supply of diesel fuel. 3. Ensure that the air cleaner is firmly attached and air cleaner seals and hose clamps are properly sealed. Air cleaner element should be checked and replaced if necessary. STARTING ENGINE NOTE: The Kubota diesel engine i

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STARTING INSTRUCTIONS and SERIAL NUMBER LOCATIONS FOR A WARM ENGINE (Kubota, CAT, and Lombardini engines)  Follow the same procedure as described for cold weather starting, skipping step 1 (step 2 for Kubota). Use of the glow plugs is not recommended when engine is warm. LOW OIL PRESSURE SHUT-OFF SYSTEM Should a low oil pressure condition occur, the oil pressure sending unit breaks the circuit between the battery and the fuel solenoid, allowing the spring load to immediately move the fuel con

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SERIAL NUMBER LOCATIONS SERIAL NUMBER LOCATION Generator: The generator has a plate attached to the side of the housing. Engine: The KUBOTA engine has the se- rial number stamped on the engine block just below the exhaust manifold. (see illustration below ) The CAT engines have the serial number stamped on the right side of the engine block just ahead of the first cylinder. (see illustration below) The LOMBARDINI engine has the serial num- 20 20

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