Руководство по эксплуатации Alesis Computer Drive D4

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства Alesis Computer Drive D4

Устройство: Alesis Computer Drive D4
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Руководство по эксплуатации Alesis Computer Drive D4
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External Trigger
Set-Up Guide

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EXIERNAL 7RIOOER. 5EI-UP QUIGK OUIDE The D4 has twelve trigger inputs designed to accommodate the most widely used drum pads and other triggering sources. It's mechanism is an advanced triggering signal to midi converter which incorporates five user controllable parameters. Trigger parameters are independent for each of the twelve inputs, and the set up is global for all drumsets. The five types of user controlled parameters are: 1. VCURVE. There are eight separate curve tables, 0 through 7

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gain With the set too high, you may experience false, or double triggering. A properly gain adjusted setting will allow the highest dynamic range for pad used. the being Nofe: For more detailed information and examples, regarding the functions of these individual parameters, please refer to Chapter 5 of the D4 Reference Manual. When from pads triggering always follow these 5 basic steps: 1. Plug io of the triggers you will be using. a!! . Plug all of the triggers you will be using into

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Next, manually select a trigger to ediL 3. . Ext Trig to enter the page showing the Press the button once parameters for the TRIG number, VCURVE editable selection, and MIDI note assignment. The cursor will appear under the trigger number field. . you Use the Data wheel to select the trigger wish to edit. 4. Select the velocity cunte. r Move the cursor under the VCURVE field. o suits the style of Choose the sensitivity value which bests (hits play, the pads used. For average play, rang

Краткое содержание страницы № 5

side of the display. Be aware gain that the values are extremely sensitive even in increments. small A period will appear to the right of the gain number signaling that the trigger level is reaching it's full dynamic range. If a trigger's gain is adjusted properly, the period will appear only on the stronsest hits. ', Now repeat steps 3 through 6 the remaining ttiggers you anill be using. fot After completing these steps, you should be able to play on all of i* the pads plugged in to D4

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Set the XTALK value. page 1. Press the Ext Trig button twice to enter the showing the parameters for XTALK DCAY, and NOISE. (tom 2. After selecting the desired trigger 1), place the cursor under the XTALK parameter value. 3. Now, gradually increase the XTALK level of the tom 1 trigger (00 until it stops triggering when you hit the snare pad is minimum, 99 maximum). A properly adjusted level will stop the pad's crosstalk and you play quick hits without loosing interaction, still allow to any

Краткое содержание страницы № 7

already correctly adjusted. When other parameters have been you play pads no other instruments are being the while sounded, all of the hits are triggering and tracking properly. Now as the band begins and the stage volume is very loud, the drum hardware to stage starts trembling which causes the At 1 and tom 2 pad are triggering vibrate. times the tom the when not being played. This is because the D4 is interpreting the signals from the stand vibrations as hits. By adjusting the NOISE parame

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J'PS OIU EXTENilAT JnJGGEN'il@ FROTN ACOUSJTC DRUMS When triggering from an acoustic drum, that is using a contact (transducer) pick up mounted to the head or shell, the same general set-up procedures and parameter principles of triggering from pads apply. However, extreme due to head vibrations and "factors" resonance acoustic of drums, keeping the under control is considerably more difficult. These tips should help you in eliminating potential problems. There are several things to c

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several triggering. Most of the trigger manufacturers supply also pieces of mounting tape with their trigger products. It is very important to be certain that no part of the trigger wire, jack, which connects the trigger to the audio is touching or resting on any part of the drum or rim. This wire is sensitive enough to trigger signals from the drum vibrations which would then cause double triggering. Trigger Placement Placement is another very important part of triggering performance, but un

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an 3. Use a high sensitivity setting if the trigger has adjustment. SMALL TOMS 8'L13'' With smaller toms it is possible to get proper tracking using either head or shell mounting. You will need to experiment with both to determine your which will work best in situation. For head mounting: 1. Mount the trigger so that it is within one and one-half inch from the batter rim. 2. Placement of the trigger should be on the players side of the within where would hit if you drum, a lug or two of the s

Краткое содержание страницы № 11

a mid to high sensitivity setting if the trigger has an 3. Use adjustment. internal Nofe; In most caseg when shell mounting triggers, mounting will provide the best results. This permanent more permanent form of mounting allows the trigger to be attached to the shell, which tends to improve the firmly However, when using this technique it is usually performance. install an audio jack into the drum shell to connect necessary to the audio cable to the trigger. Muffling part from acoustic dr

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