Blakeslee Dishwashing & Kitchen Equipmentの取扱説明書

デバイスBlakeslee Dishwashing & Kitchen Equipmentの取扱説明書

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Blakeslee Dishwashing & Kitchen Equipmentの取扱説明書
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Flight-Type Dishwashers
The Ultimate Cleaning Machine!
Two Tank with Pre-Wash
Single Tank
Three Tank
Single Tank with Pre-Wash
Flight-A-Round Systems
Two Tank
Commercial Dishwashing & Kitchen Equipment…SINCE 1880!


Flight-Type Dishwashers… Durability • Efficiency • Performance • Ease-of-Use • Flexibility! lakeslee invented the “rackless” flight- n Quick-Start Plus Consumption Btype dishwasher and continues to lead Saver…Fills Wash and Pre-Wash the industry with continuous conveyor Tanks from the Rinse Tank, which dishwashers that are more durable, energy speeds startup, reduces water use, and water efficient, easier to use and just water heating costs and improves more productive…by design!


Flight-Type Dishwashers… Durability • Efficiency • Performance • Ease-of-Use • Flexibility! n NEW 24-Volt Control Circuit…is safer and more dependable! H’’ diameter stainless steel conveyor rods and stainless rollers are standard. n NO-Incline Conveyor Design…Con- Flat, “no-incline” belt design reduces unit height, simplifies and speeds ware loading. veyor link design eliminates inclined belt entry/exit, allowing easy slide-on rack loading! 1 n Heavy /2” Diameter Conveyor n Paten


1844 S. Laramie Ave. 1149 Bellamy Road, No. 19 Chicago, IL 60804 Scarborough, ON M1H 1H7 (708) 656-0660 CANADA Fax: (708) 656-0199 (416) 751-2625 Fax: (416) 751-8539 Available OPTIONS include: Blakeslee Modular Design Flexibility… • A machine mounted electric or steam heated Water Booster Heater The Blakeslee Flight-Type Dishwashing Systems are modular and can be designed to fit the space, layout and structural constraints of any • S ingle point utility connection

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