Akasa integral HDD external enclosure for data-storage mobility with LAN sharingの取扱説明書

デバイスAkasa integral HDD external enclosure for data-storage mobility with LAN sharingの取扱説明書

デバイス: Akasa integral HDD external enclosure for data-storage mobility with LAN sharing
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Akasa integral HDD external enclosure for data-storage mobility with LAN sharingの取扱説明書
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HDD external enclosure
for data-storage mobility with LAN sharing


English AKASA Company notices The information contained in this document is subject to change without notice. All rights reserved. Reproduction, adaptation, or translation of this material is prohibited without prior written permission of AKASA, except as allowed under copyright laws. The only warranties for AKASA products and services are set forth in the express warranty statements accompanying such products and services. Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warra


Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of the INTEGRAL LAN  .5” hard disk enclosure. This User Manual is intended to help you install the INTEGRAL LAN drive quickly and easily onto your Personal Computer or Ethernet Network and begin using it immediately. INTEGRAL LAN drives are the perfect solution to your network storage needs. Share documents, music, videos, and pictures with your family or coworkers through your network. Simply connect the drive to your network, install our easy


Harddisk Installation Harddisk Installation 1. Open the back of the enclosure by undoing the securing screws and sliding the tray out of the aluminium housing. NOTE: Disconnect the LED cable before completely sliding the HDD tray out . POWER CONNECTOR 2. Write down the ID number and KEY before IDE closing the enclosure. It is going to be needed CONNECTOR in later stages of the network installation. LED CABLE 3. Place the HDD in the tray aligning the correct IDE and power connectors


Harddisk Installation 5. 6. Gently insert the tray into the enclosure Before fully inserting the tray, connect the HDD aligning the guide rail with the grooves of the activity LED to the 4-pin connector leaving the enclosure housing. pin to the right free. Make sure that the connector is inserted as shown on . NOTE: The integral logo on the front bezel serves two operational purposes: indicates power and hard drive activity(in U S B mode). 7. Insert the tray completely into the



Network Connection Software installation Installation of NDAS software is necessary to use your INTEGRAL LAN as a network device. Installation of NDAS software is simple and easy. Please insert the Installation CD into your optical drive. The CD automatically displays the language menu ifAutorun is enabled in your computer. NOTE: If Autorun is NOT enabled in you computer, browse the conents o fthe installation CD to locate the file autorun.bat from the main folder. Double-click the autorun.b


Network Connection 4. InstallShield Wizard will appear. Click the Next button to continue to next step. 5. Accept Licence Agreement if you agree to proceed to the installation, then click Next to continue the in- stallation. 6. Click the Install button to install drivers 8


Network Connection 7. If the Windows Logo Testing message appears, click Yes or Continue Anyway to continue the installation. 8. After software installation is complete, click the Finish button. 9. Click yes button if you are ready to restart the computer. NOTE: The NDAS software will not work untill you restart the system. 9


Network Connection INTEGRAL LAN Registration and mounting After installing the software, you need to register your INTEGRAL LAN if you are using new Integral drive in Network Mode. The steps below will guide you through the Registration Wizard which will help detect your new device. NOTE: Connect the INTEGRAL LAN to network and turn it on before continuing. 1. Click on the NDAS Device Management Icon located on the system tray and select “Register a New Device”. The “NDAS registration Wiza


Network Connection 4. The Registration Wizard will check your NDAS device status and detect your new INTEGRAL LAN drive (if it has been connected and switched on). Choose how you want to mount the device and press Next. • Read/Write mode mounts device to read and write. • Read Only mode mounts device to read only. • Don’t Mount: device is left not connected. NOTE: If you haven’t entered the KEY the Write/Read mode is disabled. 5. After first time registration the “Found New Hardware


Network Connection 8. Windows will detect your new device and install the appropriate drivers. Afiter installation press Finish. 9. Registering the INTEGRAL LAN device is complete when you click finish 10. Afiter you have registered your new device click the NDAS Device Management icon to see the registered and mounted NDAS device. NOTE: If you cannot see your NDAS Device please click Refresh Status and check again. If your device is not formatted, please proceed to the Format Drive sec


Network Connection Using the INTERGAL LAN in Network Mode INTEGRAL LAN NDAS device can be used like a local drive on your PC. It allows you to: • Drag and drop files to NDAS device. • Copy and paste data to NDAS device. • Create and delete folders. • Share files and folders. • Backup your data. Sharing the INTEGRAL LAN on a Network Once INTEGRAL LAN drive is connected to your network, it can be accessed from any computer on your network. To share your INTEGRAL LAN, you need: • All compute


Network Connection NDAS Device Management NDAS Device Status Modes NDAS device provides users with six basic Modes. Below is a chart describing each of the NDAS device modes and the icons that correspond with each mode. Bind INTEGRAL LAN Mode/Meaning Management Icon Colour Icon Read-Only Mode • Users can only read from INTEGRAL Green LAN Read/Write Mode • Users can read and write to Blue INTEGRAL LAN Connected Mode • INTEGRAL LAN is currently disabled White on your com


Network Connection To see an INTEGRAL LAN status click on the NDAS Device Management icon located on the system tray. All registered NDAS device(s) will be displayed on the NDAS Device Management Menu. WARNING : Always unmount the INTEGRAL LAN enclosure on all PC’s with access before switching it off. Alternatively you can shut down all the systems accessing the INTEGRAL LAN before switching it off. NOTE: To change the status of the INTEGRAL LAN device you need to umount it first. NDAS Device


Network Connection NDAS Bind Management (Advance user only) NOTE: ONLY available for the Windows  000/XP network If you have more then one INTEGRAL LAN you can connect them together in Bind Mode to provide immense storage capabilities. You can connect up to 8 enclosures together to form a single logical storage unit. WARNING : Binding and unbinding the drives may result in complete loss of data on all devices in that array! Disclaimer: In no event shall Akasa be liable for loss of data cau


Network Connection The Bind Management Window Bind: Used for Aggregation, RAID 0, and RAID 1 Used to Unbind your Bound INTEGRAL LAN Unbind: There are two different functions in Tools: Tools: • Add Mirror is used to Mirror the first INTEGRAL LAN to the second INTEGRAL LAN. • Resynchronize is used to recover the data on Mirrored INTEGRAL LAN. Refresh: Used to refresh status of the INTEGRAL LAN Binding two or more INTEGRAL LAN Befor


Network Connection Unbinding INTEGRAL LAN's 1. Go to NDAS Device Management and select a Bound NDAS device you want to Unbind.  . Unmount the NDAS Device by clicking on Unmount. Note: If the bound NDAS device is in use, a warning message will appear. Make sure that no programs are using the NDAS Device and try again.  . After you have unmounted the NDAS Devices, go to NDAS Bind Management. 4. From the NDAS Bind Management select the Bound NDAS device you have just unmounted.


USB Connection USB Mode Connection Hardware installation 1. Connect your INTEGRAL LAN to the computer using the supplied USB cable . Connect the supplied power pack to any available AC socket and your INTEGRAL LAN. 3. Switch on the power and your enclosure is ready to use. Note: In order to reach USB .0 speed, you must have a motherboard or host adapter card that has USB .0 support. This device will auto sense the speed of your USB port and adjust between USB 1.0 and USB .0 speed. USB Mo


USB Connection Using the INTEGRAL LAN Device After the first installation, you can connect or disconnect the INTEGRAL LAN device without powering off the computer, please follow the steps when you want to do the above actions. Disconnecting the INTEGRAL LAN WARNING!! Do not unplug the USB.0 cable nor the power cable from the Integral Drive unit or break the communications with the USB HUB while copying files to or from the device or when files or applications stored on the USB.0 External Dri

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