Bertazzoni H304GGVCRの取扱説明書

デバイスBertazzoni H304GGVCRの取扱説明書

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Bertazzoni H304GGVCRの取扱説明書
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Installation, Service and User Instructions

DIMENSIONS: 30’’ (762 mm)(W) x 253/16’’ (640 mm)(D) x36’’ (915 mm)(H)

H304GGVCR [M7S0GTV4D(2 or 5)A]
H304GGVNE [M7S0GTV4N(2 or 5)A]
H304GGVVI [M7S0GTV4L(2 or 5)A]

Note: coloured parts employed on coloured models have same identical drawings and dimensions of the same
INOX parts already supplied for the basic INOX models; for this reason the ref. Fra


IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW -Before beginning installation, please read these instructions completely and carefully. -Do not remove permanently affixed labels, warnings, or plates from the product. This may void the warranty. -Please observe all local and national codes and ordinances. -Please ensure that this product is properly grounded. -The installer should leave these instructions with the consumer who should retain for local inspector's use and for future reference. -The elec


WARNING Read this instruction booklet before installing and using the appliance. The manufacturer will not be responsible for any damage to property or to persons caused by incorrect installation or improper use of the appliance. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to its products when considered necessary and useful, without affecting the essential safety and operating characteristics. This appliance has been designed for non-professional, domestic use only. Warning: do


ATTENTION: A manual valve shall be installed in an accessible location in the gas line external to the appliance for the purpose of turning on or shutting off gas to the appliance WARNING: Do not use aerosol sprays in the vicinity of this appliance while it is in operation Requirements Room ventilation – Location and venting. ATTENTION: An exhaust fan may be used with the appliance; in each case it shall be installed in conformity with the appropriate national and local standards. ATTEN


INSTALLATION MANUAL ANTI-TIP STABILlTY DEVICE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. The anti-tip bracket have to be installed to the rear wall as shown. The height for the bracket location from the floor has to be determined after the range legs have been adjusted to the proper installation height - as shown in the installation instructions – and after the range has been leveled. 2. Measure from the floor to the bottom of the anti-tip bracket location on the back of the range. 3. Position the


BACKGUARD INSTALLATION INSTRUCTION It’s always compulsory to installa the riser even for an island installation 1) Remove n°2 screws fixing worktop as shown in fig.1 2) Place front part of the backguard and attach it from bottom side with the two removed screws (point 2) as shown in fig .2 3) Fix the front part of the backguard with the screws supplied with the backguard kit (fig.3) 4) Assemble back part with front part of the backguard and fix them with a screws supplied with the backguar


WORKTOP FRONTGUARD INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS In order to increase the clearance between front edge of the worktop and the burners for your safety it is recomended to install the worktop frontguard supplied with the appliance. For installation instructions follow the instructions indicated in the following figures 7


INSTALLATION SIDE-BY-SIDE TO KITCHEN CABINET 1. This range may be installed directly adjacent to existing 36" (91.5 cm) high cabinets. IMPORTANT: The top border of the worktop should be at the same level of the adjacent cabinet countertop. This can be accomplished by raising the unit using the adjustment spindles on the legs. 2. The range CANNOT be installed directly adjacent to sidewalls, tall cabinets, tall appliances, or other vertical surfaces above 36" (91.4 cm) high. There must b


COOKER HOOD INSTALLATION The bottom of the hood should be 25 1/2" (65 cm) min. to 31 1/2" (80 cm) above the countertop. This would typically result in the bottom of the hood being 61 1/2" (156.2 cm) to 67 1/2" (171.5 cm) above the floor. Check for other minimum clearance requirements mandated by specific local or regional installation codes. Refer to the rangehood installation instructions for additional information. These dimensions provide for safe and efficient operation of the hood.


Wiring diagram For freestanding gas range model M7S0GTV4(D,L,N)(2 or 5)A CAUTION: label all wires prior to disconnection when servicing controls. Wiring errors can cause improper and dangerous operation. Verify proper operation after servicing. GAS CONNECTION All gas connections must be made according to national and local codes. The gas supply (service) line must be the same size or greater than the inlet line of the appliance. This range uses a 1/2" NPT inlet (see fig. in t


3. Flexible Connections: a) If the unit is to be installed with flexible couplings and/or quick disconnect fittings, the installer must use a heavy-duty, AGA design-certified commerciai flexible connector of at least 1/2" (1.3 cm) ID NPT (with suitable strain reliefs) in compliance with ANSI Z21.41 and Z21.69 standards. b) In Massachusetts: The unit must be installed with a 36" (3-foot) long flexible gas connector. c) In Canada: CAN 1-6.10-88 metal connectors for gas appliances and CAN


REPLACEMENT PARTS Only authorized replacement parts may be used in performing service on the appliance. Replacement parts are available from factory authorized parts distributors. Conversion to different types of gas Before carrying out any maintenance work, disconnect the appliance from the gas and electric supply. For Natural Gas fit regulator assembly described in Fig. Adaptation of the pressure regulator for use with different type of gas The pressure regulator supplied with the ap


Fig. 9A Fig. 9B Fig. 10 Fig. 11 Follow the instructions below to change the broiler burner nozzle: 1) Loosen the screw and pull out the burner from the support being careful not to damage the ignition plug and the thermocouple (Fig. 12). 2) Unscrew the nozzle C (Fig. 12) using a 7 mm spanner and replace it with the


Models H304GGV(NE,CR,VI) [M7S0GTV4(D,L,N) (2 or 5)A] Adapting to different types of gas CAUTION: save the orifices removed from the appliance for future use Burner Position Injector Gas Pressure Max Rate Min Rate By-pass diam. [mm.] Type [i.w.c.] [BTU/h] [W] [BTU/h] [W] diam. [mm] Auxiliary Rear L 0,90 NG 4” 3400 996 900 264 Regulated 0,54 LP (Propane) 11” 3400 996 900 264 0,29 Semi-Rapid Front R 1,18 NG 4” 6100 1787 1500 439 Regulated 0,70 LP (Propane) 11” 6100 17871500 4


SERVICE & MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Service and maintenance only to be carried out by an authorised person To replace parts such as burners, valves and electric components, the appliance must be open removing the worktop. Note: if the valves must be replaced, first disassemble the ignitions switches wires. It is recommended to replace the valve gaskets each time the valve is replaced, thus ensuring a perfect seal between the body and the gas train. WARNING: After first installation of the a


USER MANUAL WARNINGS: Do not to cover the holes inside the oven with aluminium paper Do not to cover the burners of cooktop with aluminium paper Do not store any flammable objects or objects under pressure in the storage compartment Keeping appliance area clear and free from combustible materials, gasoline and other flammable vapors and liquid. Do not store dangerous or flammable material in the cabinet areas above appliance; store them in a safe place in order to avoid potential hazard


CONTROL PANEL DESCRIPTION On the control panel, small symbols show the function of each knob or key. Here as follows are the several controls that a cooker can have: the symbol shows the disposition of burners on the worktop, the full dot identifies the burner in object (in this case the front burner on the right). the symbol shows the running of oven or broiler shows the swicth for the oven fan and oven light the symbol the symbol shows the swicth for the oven lig


WARNING: check the position of the burner caps before operation. Correct usage of pans: - Dry the bottom of the pan before placing it on the hotplate. - Use pots with a flat, thick bottom, except for wok cooking. - When using the burners, ensure that the handles of the pans are correctly positioned. Keep children away from the appliance. - When cooking foods with oil and fat, which are very flammable, the user should not leave the appliance unattended. WOK PAN: To use the wok pan, p


- Electric ignition In this case, first open the oven door, then turn the knob to the maximum temperature setting. Then press the thermostat knob to start the gas flow and the ignition spark. Wait about 10 seconds after the burner has been completely lit and then release the knob. Make sure that the burner remains on, otherwise repeat the operation. The ignition device should not be used for more than 15 seconds. If after that period the burner still has not been lit, do not use the device


To activate the convection fan use the selector placed on control panel. Turn the knob anti clockwise for activation of the convection fan +light Turn the knob clockwise to turn on the oven light. CONVECTION GAS OVEN COOKING TABLE TEMP °F/ °C HEIGHT MINUTES MEAT PORK ROAST 320-340/160-170 3 70-100 BEEF ROAST (YOUNG STEER) 340-355/170-180 3 65-90 BEEF ROAST 340-375/170-190 3 40-60 VEAL ROAST 320-355/160-180 3 65-90 LAMB ROAST 285-320/140-160 3 100-130 ROAST BEEF 355-375

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