Bertazzoni A365GGVXTの取扱説明書

デバイスBertazzoni A365GGVXTの取扱説明書

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Bertazzoni A365GGVXTの取扱説明書
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From the desk of the President Dear new owner of a Bertazzoni product, I want to thank you for choosing one of our beautiful PRO ranges. We know that you have many brands and products to choose from and we are thrilled that you have decided to take onw of your products into your home. We take as much pride in making our ranges as we hope you will in owning them. My family started manufacturing cooking appliances in 1882. Each of BERTAZZONI SpA our products is a blend of Ita


TABLE OF CONTENTS WARRANTY AND SERVICE........................................................................................................................................ 4 CUSTOMER SERVICE.......................................................................................................................................................4 REPLACEMENT PARTS ...................................................................................................................................


WARRANTY AND SERVICE All Bertazzoni products carry a 2 year parts and labor warranty. Service on all Bertazzoni products shall be carried out by factory ‐trained professionals only. For warranty service please contact Customer Service at the numbers indicated below. CUSTOMER SERVICE English/spanish hotline (866) 905 ‐0010 French (800) 561 ‐7625 Fax (714) 428 ‐0040 Email BERTAZZONIHELP@SERVICEPOWER.COM Mailing address SERVICEPOWER 1503 South Coast drive Suite 320


WARNING! IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Read this instruction booklet before installing PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW THESE IMPORTANT and using the appliance. INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR HOME The manufacturer will not be responsible for AND OF THE PEOPLE LIVING IN IT. any damage to property or to persons caused by Save this Manual for local electrical inspector’s incorrect installation or improper use of the use. appliance. Read and save these instructions for future The manufactur


PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Dimensions (insert drawings front, side and back Weight Burner power Auxiliary 3400 BTU/h Semi ‐rapid 6100 BTU/h Rapid 10400 BTU/h Dual burner (inner) 2800 BTU/h Dual burner ( outer) 12000 BTU/h Oven 16000 BTU/h broiler 14500 BTU/h 6


WARNING! BEFORE INSTALLATION Do not use aerosol sprays in the vicinity of this This appliance shall only be installed by an appliance while it is in operation authorized professional. ROOM VENTILATION: An exhaust fan may be This appliance shall be installed in accordance used with the appliance; in each case it shall be with the manufacturer’s installation instructions. installed in conformity with the appropriate This appliance must be installed in accordance national and local


INSTALLING THE LEGS INSTALLING THE HOB RAIL AND OVEN HANDLE Bertazzoni ranges must be used only with the legs properly installed. Only model A365GGVXT The rail and handle are packed with the upstand. Four height ‐adjustable legs are shipped with the range in the polysterene container situated over The rail is only available on some models. the appliance. Assemble the hob rail and oven handle as shown Before installing the legs, position the appliance in the pictures near its final


INSTALLING THE WORKTOP FRONTGUARD Only model A365GGVXE To increase the clearance between the front edge of the worktop and the burners it is possible to install the worktop frontguard shipped with the appliance. To install the front guard, hold it with the pointed edges looking up. Align the edges of the frontguard with the appropriate receptacles in the bottom of the worktop and press firmly until the frontguard is securely attached to the worktop. ATTENTION: once installed t


2 lateral screws from the bottom. INSTALLING THE BACKGUARD The backguard must be installed prior to operation of the appliance for appropriate ventilation of the oven compartment. The supplied backguard is a 2 ‐part assembly. The box also contains a set of metal screws for securing the backguard to the worktop. Position the back part of the backguard and secure it to the worktop tightening 4 screws from the bottom. Disassemble the backguard and position the front part


INSTALLING THE ANTI-TIP STABILlTY DEVICE INSTALLATION REQUIREMENTS The anti ‐tip bracket shipped with the range must be properly secured to the rear wall as shown in the pircture below. ELECTRICAL The height of the bracket from the floor must be determined after the range legs have been A properly ‐grounded horizontally ‐ mounted adjusted to the desired height and after the electrical receptacle should be installed no higher range has been leveled. than 3" (7.6 cm) above the flo


EXHAUST HOOD INSTALLATION INSTALLATION ADJACENT TO KITCHEN This range will best perform when used with PRO CABINETS line Bertazzoni exhaust hoods. These hoods have This range may be installed directly adjacent to been designed to work in conjunction with the existing countertop high cabinets (36" or 91.5 cm Bertazzoni range and have the same finish for a from the floor). perfect look. For the best look, the worktop should be level For maximum performance, the height of the wit


WARNING! ELECTRICAL CONNECTION ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD This unit is manufactured for a polarized, Disconnect electrical power at the circuit grounded 120 volt/60 Hz, 16 amp system. breaker box or fuse box before installing the Electric power consumption is about 300 W. appliance. The minimum of 102 VAC is required for proper Provide appropriate ground for the appliance. operation of gas ignition systems. Use copper conductors only. The circuit must be grounded and properly Failu


MANUAL SHUT ‐OFF VALVE GAS CONNECTION THIS VALVE IS NOT SHIPPED WITH THE APPLIANC All gas connections must comply with national AND MUST BE SUPPLIED BY THE INSTALLER. and local codes. The gas supply line (service) The manual shut ‐off valve must be installed in must be the same size or greater than the inlet the gas service line between the gas hook ‐up on line of the appliance. This range uses a 1/2" NPT the wall and the appliance inlet, in a position inlet (see drawing below for de


PRESSURE REGULATOR Since service pressure may fluctuate with local demand, every gas cooking appliance must be equipped with a pressure regulator on the incoming service line for safe and efficient operation. The pressure regulator shipped with the appliance has has two female threads ½” NPT. The regulator shall be installed properly in order to be accessible when the appliance is installed in its final position. Manifold pressure should be checked with a manometer and comply w


STEP 1: PRESSURE REGULATOR GAS CONVERSION The pressure regulator supplied with the appliance is a convertible type pressure regulator WARNING! for use with Natural Gas at a nominal outlet Before carrying out this operation, disconnect pressure of 4” w.c. or LP gas at a nominal outlet the appliance from gas and electricity. pressure of 11” w.c. and it is pre ‐arranged from the factory to operate with one of these Gas conversion shall be conducted by a factory ‐ gas/pressure as indi


STEP 3: MAIN OVEN BURNER STEP 2: SURFACE BURNERS To replace the nozzles of the main oven burner, To replace the nozzles of the surface burners, lift start by removing the bottom panel of the oven. up the burners and unscrew the nozzles shipped with the range using a 7 mm {sochet wrench). Replace nozzles using the conversion set supplied with the range or by a Bertazzoni authorized parts warehouse. Each nozzle has a number indicating its flow diameter printed on the body. Consult the


Replace the nozzle using the conversion set STEP 4: BROILER BURNER supplied with the range or by a Bertazzoni authorized parts warehouse. Each nozzle has a Loosen the screw and pull out the burner from its number indicating its flow diameter printed on support. the body. Consult the table on page 20 for ATTENTION: pay extra attention to avoid damage matching nozzles to burners. to the igniter and thermocouple. Using a 7 mm [name of the tool] unscrew the nozzle. Replace th


STEP 5: VISUAL CHECKS Before reinstalling the bottom panel, the following visual check must be performed to ensure that the conversion has been carried out properly and without damage to other components of the range. A) CONNECTION OF THERMOCOUPLES TO THERMOSTAT The thermocouples for both broiler and main oven burner are connected to the same magnet. After performing all these visual checks, reinstall Tight gently the two connections alternating the bottom panel of the oven com


OVEN BURNER STEP 6: MINIMUM FLAME ADJUSTMENT 1. Set the oven temperature control knob to the MAXIMUM setting. WARNING! 2. Close the oven door and operate the oven for at least 10 minutes. These adjustments should be made only for use of the appliance with natural gas. For use with 3. Set the knob to the MINIMUM setting . liquid propane gas, the choke screw must be 4. Remove the knob. fully turned in a clockwise direction. 5. With a slotted screwdriver turn the choking screw

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