Bertazzoni Range H48 6G GGV VIの取扱説明書

デバイスBertazzoni Range H48 6G GGV VIの取扱説明書

デバイス: Bertazzoni Range H48 6G GGV VI
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Bertazzoni Range H48 6G GGV VIの取扱説明書
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Installation, Service and User Instructions

DIMENSIONS: 48’’ (1216 mm) (W) x 25 1/8’’ (640 mm)(D) x 36"(911 mm)(H)





IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ AND FOLLOW -Before beginning installation, please read these instructions completely and carefully. -Do not remove permanently affixed labels, warnings, or plates from the product. This may void the warranty. -Please observe all local and national codes and ordinances. -Please ensure that this product is properly grounded. -The installer should leave these instructions with the consumer who should retain for local inspector's use and for future reference. -The el


WARNING Read this instruction booklet before installing and using the appliance. The manufacturer will not be responsible for any damage to property or to persons caused by incorrect installation or improper use of the appliance. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes to its products when considered necessary and useful, without affecting the essential safety and operating characteristics. This appliance has been designed for non-professional, domestic use only. Warning: do


be reduced by installing a rabge hood that projects horizontally a minimum of 5 inches beyond the bottom of the cabinets It’s always compulsory to install the riser even for an island installation ATTENTION: A manual valve shall be installed in an accessible location in the gas line external to the appliance for the purpose of turning on or shutting off gas to the appliance WARNING: Do not use aerosol sprays in the vicinity of this appliance while it is in operation Requirements Room vent


Height adjustable legs: 1. Legs are packed in the top box. 2. Legs should be installed with the appliance being near the location of final installation, they are not secure for long transport. After unpacking the range, raise it about a foot to insert the legs in their bases assembled on the lower part of the cooker and lower the range gently to keep any undue strain from legs and mounting hardware. It is recommended to use a pallet or lift jack instead of tilting the unit. BACKGUAR


WORKTOP FRONTGUARD INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS In order to increase the clearance between front edge of the worktop and the burners for your safety it is recomended to install the worktop frontguard supplied with the appliance. For installation instructions follow the instructions indicated in the following figures 6


ELECTRIC GRIDDLE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS For installation the electric griddle, see the instructions indicated in the figure INSTALLATION SIDE-BY-SIDE TO KITCHEN CABINET 1. This range may be installed directly adjacent to existing 36" (91.5 cm) high cabinets. IMPORTANT: The top border of the worktop should be at the same level of the adjacent cabinet countertop. This can be accomplished by raising the unit using the adjustment spindles on the legs. 2. The range CANNOT be installed


COOKER HOOD INSTALLATION The bottom of the hood should be 25 1/2" (65 cm) min. to 31 1/2" (80 cm) above the countertop. This would typically result in the bottom of the hood being 61 1/2" (156.2 cm) to 67 1/2" (171.5 cm) above the floor. Check for other minimum clearance requirements mandated by specific local or regional installation codes. Refer to the rangehood installation instructions for additional information. These dimensions provide for safe and efficient operation of the hood.


WARNING ELECTRICAL SHOCK HAZARD • Disconnect electrical power at the circuit breaker box or fuse box before installing the gas cooker • Electrically ground gas cooker • Use copper conductors only. Failure to follow these instructions could resul in serious injury or death Wiring diagram For freestanding gas range model MTYKQZV4(L,N,D)(2, 5)A CAUTION: label all wires prior to disconnection when servicing controls. Wiring errors can cause improper and dangerous operation. Ver


requires 11.0" W.C.P. Incoming line pressure upstream from the regulator must be 1" W.c.P. higher than the manifold pressure in order to check the regulator. The regulator used on this range can withstand a maximum input pressure of 1/2 PSI (14.0" W.c.P.) If the line pressure is in excess of that amount, a step- down regulator will be required. e) The appliance, its individuai shut-off valve, and pressure regulator must be disconnected from the gas supply piping system during any pressure


FINAL PREPARATION 1. Some stainless steel parts may have a plastic protective wrap which must be removed. The interior of the oven should be washed thoroughly with hot soapy water to remove film residues and any installation dust or debris before using it for food preparation, then rinsed and wiped dry. Solutions stronger than soap and water are rarely needed. 2. All stainless steel body parts should be wiped with hot, soapy water and with a liquid cleaner recommended for use with stainles


- CHANGING THE NOZZLES FOR USE WITH OTHER TYPES OF GAS: To change the nozzles of the burners use the following procedure: Lift up the burners and unscrew the nozzles ( Fig.) using an adjustable spanner of 7 mm and change the nozzles with those designed for the new gas supply according to the information given in TABLE shown below. Follow the instructions below to change the oven burner nozzle: 1) Remove the oven door (Fig. 9) 2) Remove the lower frontal cavity gasket and the enamel


Follow the instructions below to change the broiler burner nozzle: 1) Loosen the screw and pull out the burner from the support being careful not to damage the ignition plug and the thermocouple (Fig. 11). 2) Unscrew the nozzle C (Fig. 11) using a 7 mm spanner and replace it with the nozzle needed for the new type of gas according to what is indicated in TABLE shown below. Fig. 11 Models MTYKQZV4(L,N,D)(2, 5)A Adapting to different types of gas Burner Position Injector Gas Pr


REGULATION OF BURNERS Primary air adjustment: Broiler burner adjustment: to adjust the broiler burner loosen screw P and adjust the position X of the Venturi cone according to the measurements indicated in table 4. TABLE N°4: Burner primary air regulation (indicative) Burner Type of gas Broiler Inches (mm) NG (Natural Gas) fully open LP (Propane Gas) fully open Work surface burner adjustment: follow the instructions below to adjust the work surface burner m


SERVICE & MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS Service and maintenance only to be carried out by an authorised person To replace parts such as burners, valves and electric components, the appliance must be open removing the worktop. Note: if the valves must be replaced, first disassemble the ignitions switches wires. It is recommended to replace the valve gaskets each time the valve is replaced, thus ensuring a perfect seal between the body and the gas train. WARNING: After first installation of the a


USER MANUAL IMPORTANT INSTRUCTION WARNINGS: Proper installation. Be sure your appliance is properly installed and grounded by a qualified technician Never Use Your Appliance for Warming or heating the Room. Do Not Leave Children Alone – Children should not be left alone or unattended in area where appliance is in use. They should never be allowed to sit or stand on any part of the appliance. Wear Proper Apparel –Loose fitting or hanging garments should never be worn while using the appli


For safe use of appliance, do not use it for space heating. Do not use aerosol sprays in the vicinity of this appliance while it is in operation Do not use oven doors as support or for sit-down. Do not use oven cavity as storage compartment. DESCRIPTIONS DESCRIPTIVE CAPTION FOR HOB DESCRIPTION OF HOBS 1. Small Burner Model MTYKQZU4(X,L,I,N,R,U,V,W,D)(2, 5)A fig. A 2. Medium burner 3. Rapid burner 4. Dual burner 5. Griddle fig.A CONTROL PANEL DESCRIPTION On the


USING BURNERS A diagram is etched on the control panel above each knob which indicates which burner corresponds to that knob. (flame) Manual ignition: Manual ignition is always possible even when the power is cut off or in the event of prolonged power failure. Turn the knob that corresponds to the burner selected counterclockwise to the MAXIMUM position at the etched star (large flame) and place a lit match up to the burner. Automatic electric ignition: Turn the knob that correspond


USING THE ELECTRIC GRIDDLE WARNING The griddle element is hot after use. Allow sufficient time for griddle components cool before cleaning. The electric griddle element is rated 120 volts AC 1100 watts. Seasoning the griddle Before using the griddle for the first time, it must be seasoned. If the griddle has not been used for a period of time, it should be reseasoned. To season the gridlle: 1. clean the griddle thoroughly with hot, soapy water to remove any protective coating. 2.


USING THE LEFT GAS OVEN All the gas oven cookers are equipped with a thermostat and safety device to adjust the cooking temperature. The oven temperature is set by turning the knob counterclockwise to match the indicator with the temperature selected. The gas oven is combined with a gas broiler. See the specific pages for use information. WARNING: If the burner flames are extinguished accidentally, turn off the control knob and do not try to relight the oven until after at least 1 minu

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