Apple Keyboard - Wireless - Bluetooth - Aluminum MC184LL/Bの取扱説明書

デバイスApple Keyboard - Wireless - Bluetooth - Aluminum MC184LL/Bの取扱説明書

デバイス: Apple Keyboard - Wireless - Bluetooth - Aluminum MC184LL/B
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Apple Keyboard - Wireless - Bluetooth - Aluminum MC184LL/Bの取扱説明書
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Apple Wireless



1 Using Your Apple Wireless Keyboard Your keyboard comes with two AA alkaline batteries installed and uses Bluetooth® technology to connect to your Mac. This guide shows you how to set up your keyboard, customize and use the keys, and change the batteries. To learn about: Â Updating software, see page 4. Â Setting up your keyboard with a new Mac, see page 5. Â Replacing your USB keyboard with an Apple Wireless Keyboard, see page 5. Â Pairing your keyboard with a different Mac,


If you don’t pair your keyboard with your Mac within 3 minutes, the indicator light and keyboard turn off to preserve battery life. Push and release the On/off (®) switch to turn your keyboard on again, allowing you to pair it with your Mac (see page 5). Once you successfully pair your keyboard with your Mac, the indicator light glows steadily for 3 seconds, and then turns off. If you push the On/ off (®) switch and the light doesn’t illuminate, you may need new or charged batterie


Setting up a New Wireless Keyboard and a New Mac Follow the instructions in the user guide that came with your Mac to set it up. Because you have a wireless keyboard, skip the instructions to connect a USB keyboard. To pair your wireless keyboard with a new Mac: 1 Press and release the On/off (®) switch to turn on your keyboard. 2 Turn on your Mac and follow the onscreen instructions in Setup Assistant. Replacing a USB Keyboard with an Apple Wireless Keyboard Use you


Pairing your Keyboard with a Different Mac After you set up your Apple Wireless Keyboard with a Mac, you can set it up again with a different Mac. If the other Mac is more than 33 feet (10 meters) away, follow the instructions on page 5 to pair it. If the other Mac is within 33 feet (10 meters), you must remove the existing pairing before pairing with a different Mac. To remove a pairing: 1 On the Mac the keyboard is currently paired with, choose Apple () > System Pr


Using the Keys Use the keys at the top of your keyboard to adjust the brightness of your display, open Exposé, view Dashboard widgets, control the volume, and more. Decrease ( ) or increase ( ) the brightness of your display. Use Exposé to see all of the open windows on your desktop at once. Open Dashboard to access your widgets. Get information about the weather, stocks, and more. Rewind or go to the previous song, movie, or slideshow. Play or pause songs, movies, or slideshows.


Renaming Your Keyboard Your Mac automatically gives your wireless keyboard a unique name the first time you pair it. You can rename your keyboard in Bluetooth preferences. To rename your keyboard: 1 Choose Apple () > System Preferences and click Bluetooth. 2 Click the Action ( ) pop-up menu in the lower-left corner, and choose Rename. 3 Enter a name for your keyboard and click OK. Replacing the Batteries Your Apple Wireless Keyboard comes with two alkaline AA batteries


3 Slide two AA batteries into the battery compartment as shown here. Insert batteries 4 Replace the battery compartment cover. WARNING: When you replace the batteries, replace them all at the same time. Don’t mix old batteries with new batteries or mix battery types (for example, don’t mix alkaline and lithium batteries). Don’t open or puncture the batteries, install them backwards, or expose them to fire, high temperatures, or water. Keep batteries out of the reach of children


Cleaning Your Keyboard Follow these guidelines when cleaning the outside of your keyboard: Â Remove the batteries from the keyboard. Â Use a damp, soft, lint-free cloth to clean the exterior of the keyboard. Avoid getting moisture in any openings. Â Don’t use aerosol sprays, solvents, or abrasives. Ergonomics For information about ergonomics, health, and safety, visit the Apple Ergonomics website at Support For support and troubleshooting informati


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1 Utilisation de votre clavier Apple Wireless Keyboard Votre clavier est livré avec deux piles AA alcalines déjà mises en place, et exploite la technologie Bluetooth® pour se connecter à votre Mac. Le présent guide vous explique comment configurer votre clavier, personnaliser et utiliser les touches, ainsi que changer les piles usagées. Pour en savoir plus sur : Â la mise à jour du logiciel, consultez la page 21 ; Â la configuration de votre clavier à travers un nouveau Mac, con


À propos de la lampe témoin La diode électroluminescente située sur votre Apple Wireless Keyboard remplit le rôle d’indicateur des piles et de voyant d’état. Lorsque vous allumez votre clavier pour la première fois, la lampe témoin s’allume pendant 5 secondes, indiquant que les piles sont bonnes. Si votre clavier n’est pas jumelé avec votre Mac après ce délai, la lumière commence à clignoter pour indiquer que votre périphérique est en mode de détection et prêt à se jumeler avec votr

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