JBL CS60.2 user manual

User manual for the device JBL CS60.2

Device: JBL CS60.2
Category: Car Amplifier
Manufacturer: JBL
Size: 0.77 MB
Added : 8/23/2013
Number of pages: 8
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The Official Brand of Live Music.

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INSTALLATION THANK YOU INSTALLATION CHOOSING A LOCATION for purchasing a JBL CS Series amplifier. WARNINGS AND TIPS AND MOUNTING THE In order that we may better serve you • Always wear protective eyewear when AMPLIFIER should you require warranty service for using tools. Choose a mounting location in the trunk your new amplifier, please retain your or cargo area where the amplifier will not • Turn off the audio system and other original purchase receipt and register your be damaged by shiftin

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INSTALLATION POWER CONNECTIONS Power Connection Remote Connection Wire Gauge Chart The CS amplifiers require a reliable Connect a wire (see chart at right for Connect the amplifier’s Remote (REM) Amplifier Maximum Minimum Model Current Draw Wire Gauge connection to the vehicle’s electrical appropriate gauge) directly to the vehicle’s terminal to the source unit’s Remote Turn- system in order to perform optimally. positive battery terminal, and install an On lead using a minimum of 18-gauge wir

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APPLICATIONS – CS300.1 The CS subwoofer amplifier is a single-channel amplifier. There are two sets of terminals to make it easy to connect multiple woofers. Either set of (+/–) terminals may be used Figure 4. CS subwoofer amplifier when connecting woofers. with two woofers connected. To the right are two application diagrams to help plan your subwoofer system installation. Figures 4 and 5 show how to configure the CS300.1 subwoofer amplifier. NOTE: For simplicity, Figures 4 and 5 do not

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Front Left Front Right APPLICATIONS – CS60.4 The CS60.4 can be set up for stereo Front Left Front Right 4-channel, 3-channel or bridged 2-channel operation, as shown in Figures 6 through 8. Figure 6. CS60.4 amplifier in 4-channel (stereo) NOTE: For simplicity, Figures 6 through 8 do not show power, remote and input operation to drive front and rear full-range speakers. Rear Left Rear Right connections. Front Left Front Right NOTE: Minimum speaker impedance for stereo operation is 2 ohms. Mini

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APPLICATIONS – CS60.2 Figure 9. CS60.2 used in 2-channel (stereo) Left Right operation to drive a set of full-range speakers. Left Right Figure 10. CS60.2 used in bridge mode to drive a subwoofer. 6

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CONTROLS AND SETUP TROUBLESHOOTING SETTING THE SETTING INPUT SYMPTOM LIKELY CAUSE SOLUTION CROSSOVER(S) SENSITIVITY No audio No voltage at BATT+ Check voltages at Determine your system plans and set 1. Initially turn the INPUT LEVEL control(s) (POWER LEDs or REM terminals, amplifier terminals the crossover mode switch accordingly. to minimum (counter clockwise). are off) or bad or no ground with VOM If your system design does not include 2. Reconnect the (–) negative lead to the connection a sub

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Declaration of Conformity SPECIFICATIONS CS300.1 • 200W RMS x 1 channel at 4 ohms and ≤1% THD + N • Signal-to-noise ratio: 100dBA (reference 1W into 4 ohms) We, Harman Consumer Group International 2, route de Tours • 300W RMS x 1 channel at 2 ohms, 14.4V supply and ≤1% THD + N 72500 Chateau du Loir France • Dynamic power: 460W at 2 ohms declare in own responsibility that the products • Effective damping factor: 6.395 at 4 ohms described in this owner’s manual are in compliance with technical sta

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