JBL A6000GTi user manual

User manual for the device JBL A6000GTi

Device: JBL A6000GTi
Category: Car Amplifier
Manufacturer: JBL
Size: 1.76 MB
Added : 8/23/2013
Number of pages: 12
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Explore the detailed user manual for JBL remarkable creation, Model A6000GTi. Gain valuable insights and instructions to maximize your device's capabilities and optimize your user experience. Uncover the full potential of your JBL A6000GTi device through this comprehensive user manual, offering step-by-step guidance and expert tips for effortless operation and enjoyment.

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car audio
power amplifier
owner’s manual
for purchasing a JBL A6000GTi or A3000GTi amplifier.
For warranty support, please register your purchase at
www.jbl.com. Select Car Audio, then click on Support,
and then click on Product Registration. Also, please
retain your original purchase receipt and packing crate
in case you must ship your unit back for service.

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

INSTALLATION WARNING: Playing loud music • At the installation sites, locate WARNING: To avoid personal injury MOUNTING THE in an automobile can hinder your and make a note of all fuel lines, and possible product damage, we AMPLIFIER ability to hear traffic and permanently hydraulic brake lines, vacuum lines strongly urge you to enlist additional We strongly recommend first mounting damage your hearing. We recommend and electrical wiring. Use extreme help in unpacking and moving the a piece o

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

DESIGNING A SPEAKER SYSTEM FOR THE GTi AMPLIFIER NOTE: Although the JBL A6000GTi or PARALLEL To determine the impedance of a ABOUT SPEAKER A3000GTi amplifier will drive a system CONNECTIONS system of three W15GTi (dual voice- POWER HANDLING made up of any subwoofers, we coil) subwoofers connected in series- The formula for determining the The RMS power handling rating of recommend using JBL GTi subwoofers parallel, use the series connection equivalent impedance of the voice a speaker indicate

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

SUPPLYING POWER TO THE GTi AMPLIFIER POWER IN IS HOW YOUR CHARGING PROGRAM MATERIAL Few stock batteries can provide the POWER OUT SYSTEM WORKS AND CURRENT DEMAND current required to reproduce even short-duration musical peaks. Adding In order to get full power out of your The battery’s job is to start your Music is a combination of loud and a pair of batteries with cold-cranking amplifier, you must provide full power vehicle. Running the electrical soft sounds, with varying durations capaciti

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MAKING THE CONNECTIONS POWER CONNECTIONS Connect the source unit’s remote SIGNAL CONNECTIONS For gauges, varying voltages are output turn-on lead to the REMOTE terminal on selected RJ45 pins to indicate Use 0-gauge cable to connect the Use high-quality twisted-pair RCA on the amplifier (see Figure 5). Use voltage, current and temperature. amplifier’s GND – terminal directly to audio cables to connect your source any convenient gauge wire for the the vehicle’s chassis (see Figure 5). unit’s mai

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

MAKING THE CONNECTIONS A6000GTi SPEAKER Figure 7. The JBL A6000GTi CONNECTIONS subwoofer amplifier is set Set Output Mode A6000GTi Amplifier to bridged mode to drive a The A6000GTi is a 2-channel amplifier to 2CH/BR (partial output panel) subwoofer system. Only use designed to drive subwoofers only. (on input panel) this mode when the nominal The left and right input signals are equivalent or total impedance combined inside the amplifier to of the speaker system is provide a mono output signa

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

MAKING THE CONNECTIONS A3000GTi SPEAKER Figure 10. The JBL A3000GTi CONNECTIONS amplifier is set to bridged Set Output Mode A3000GTi Amplifier mode to drive a subwoofer Included below are three application to BRIDGE (partial output panel) system. Only use this mode (on input panel) diagrams that will help you plan your when the nominal equivalent A3000GTi installation. Figures 10 or total impedance of the through 12 show how to configure speaker system is 2 ohms the JBL A3000GTi amplifier for

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

SETTING UP THE GTi AMPLIFIER SETTING THE CROSSOVER SETTING INPUT SETTING PHASE SETTING DBO SENSITIVITY IMPORTANT: If you plan to use the 1. Initially set the PHASE control to 0.° DBO (or Dynamic Bass Optimizer) is A3000GTi to drive full-range speakers, NOTE: You can use the supplied Play a favorite audio track that has a 12dB/octave high-pass filter with set the crossover mode switch to FLAT REMOTE LEVEL control to fine-tune significant bass output. variable frequency (20Hz to 80Hz) and skip t

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

SETTING UP THE GTi AMPLIFIER REPLACING THE FUSE Figure 14. Removing bottom screws OR NEON TUBES and the clear cover from the A6000GTi amplifier. NOTE: Do not remove the The JBL A6000/A3000GTi amplifier logo badge assembly. is equipped with an internal fuse, a 20-inch neon tube and two 6-inch neon tubes. Should the fuse or a neon tube fail, perform the following steps to replace the part: NOTE: For neon tube replacement, see your authorized JBL car audio dealer ® to purchase new StreetGlow neo

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

SETTING UP THE GTi AMPLIFIER 7. Using a T-15 screwdriver, remove 9. Using a small flat-blade screwdriver, the two Torx-head screws on the disconnect the wiring for the neon display board and set them aside tubes. (see Figure 16 below). Disconnect 10. Remove the perforated shield and the ribbon cable from display board. set it aside. 8. Using a T-15 screwdriver, remove 11. Replace the fuse or a neon tube as the 16 Torx-head screws on the follows: perforated shield and set them aside • To replace

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TROUBLESHOOTING SYMPTOM LIKELY CAUSE SOLUTION Power No audio No voltage at power Check BATT+, REMOTE and 6000 Watts Parallel Bridge (Power LED is off) or remote terminal GND – terminals with VOM for A6000GTi blown fuse or poor connection Thermal Signal -18 dB -9 dB E Opt I Opt Fault Internal fuse blown Replace internal fuse (incorrect power (see Replacing the Fuse connections) or Neon Tubes section) No audio Low or high voltage Check BATT+ terminal with (Power LED at power terminal VOM for volt

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JBL Consumer Products 250 Crossways Park Drive, Woodbury, NY 11797 USA © 2004 Harman International Industries, Incorporated JBL and Crown are registered trademarks of Harman International Industries, Incorporated. Part No. GTIAMPOM4/04 www.jbl.com Features, specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice.

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