Руководство по эксплуатации ANUBIS International IP Phone HS315

Руководство по эксплуатации для устройства ANUBIS International IP Phone HS315

Устройство: ANUBIS International IP Phone HS315
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Руководство по эксплуатации ANUBIS International IP Phone HS315
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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all

H S 3 1 5

User Manual
User Manual


Digital En

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all Contents Introduction..................................................................................................3 Physical Details............................................................................................5 What the symbols mean................................................................................7 Setting up your telephone.............................................................................8 Installation....

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all Introduction Overview Thank you for purchasing our Skype DECT product. We hope that you spend many happy hours using it and chatting with Skype! With the HS315 you can make ordinary telephone call and Internet calls using Skype™ and SkypeOut.  An ordinary telephone call is a call between two telephone line subscribers.  A Skype™ call is between two registered Skype™ users. These calls are free of charge.  A SkypeOut call is made via t

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all Package Content The contents of your product should contain the following items. For any missing items, please contact your dealer immediately. USB Dongle CD Installation DECT Battery Cell Power adapter Telephone Cable (RJ-11) (1.2 x 2V 750 mAh) (AC 7.5V, 350mA) Quick Start Guide Note To make Internet calls your PC must be turned on and the Skype™ software must be activated.

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all Physical Details The Handset and Base Unit Right Key Left Key Press to enter phonebook Press to enter menu and sub- menu; menu mode; Press during programming Press to confirm selection; to go back to the previous With the key “*” to lock or option; Press to clear digits unlock the keypad; from the display. Press during a call to mute the mouthpiece. End /On-Off Key Call / Recall Key Press to end a te

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all The USB dongle Register Button LED light P Pa ag ge e 6 6 o off 3 37 7

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all What the symbols mean Batteries Charge Level Whenever this shows ‘nearly empty’ ( ), put the handset on the base unit to charge the batteries. While the batteries are being charged, the level shown will keep changing. Mute Your handset's microphone is muted. Signal Level Shows the signal between the handset and base unit, and disappear when you are out of range of the base unit. Speakerphone Your handset’s loudspeaker i

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all Setting up your telephone Connection and conditions for use You can connect your HS315 to a direct exchange line (DEL), a line connected to a local exchange, with its own phone number; to an extension socket connected to a DEL; or to an extension on an approved compatible PBX. Do not connect the HS315 as an extension to a payphone. How many phones can you connect? The ringer equivalence numbers (RENs) of all instruments (phones, fax mach

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all Installation 1. Choose a suitable site for the base unit Make sure it is not near to another telephone, nor to other electrical equipment. 2. Plug the mains power lead and the telephone line cord into the bottom of the base unit. 3. Plug the mains adapter into a 230 V AC, 50 Hz mains socket with the switch on the socket set to OFF. Note: The illustration of adaptor may vary from country to country.

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all 6. Connect the base unit to telephone wall socket by a telephone line 7. Plug the USB dongle into your PC USB socket Note: Your HS315 is supplied with the handset and USB dongle already registered to the base unit; you shouldn't need to register them. Refer to Settings section of this manual for the information on how to register. 8. Download the latest version of Skype from www.skype.com This is a Wind

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all Note: The Skype software must be activated manually on your PC before you place SkypeOut and Skype™ calls every time. Recommended disable your PC from entering sleep mode to ensure the availability of Skype communication. Congratulations! The installation procedure is now complete. If you experience any problems on using this phone, refer to the Troubleshooting section elsewhere in this guide.

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all Important safety information This equipment is not designed for making emergency calls in the event of a power failure. Alternative arrangements should be made for access to emergency services. (This means that you should also have a basic phone that does not need mains power, connected to your line so that you can make calls during a power failure) People with a heart pacemaker should consult their doctor before using the telephone. If you

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all Making and Answering Calls Note: In standby mode, press any button on keypad except “Talk” button to st make the backlight come on before enabling any function. (It means 1 press to nd turn on the backlight, 2 press to activate the function button. This is correct for all buttons except for “Talk” button.) To Make an Ordinary Call · Enter the telephone number and press Call key to place call; · If you make a mistake, press R

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all To Call a Skype™ User Make sure the Skype™ user is available in your Skype net Contact list and is online. Otherwise, add the online Skype™ user name you wish to call to the Contacts list of Skype net fist. It will automatically appear in your phone’s Skype list. To call a Skype™ user: 1. Press Scrolling button up to enter Skype mode directly, the display shows the stored names; 2. Press Scrolling button up / down to select the name you wish to

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all To Mute the Mouthpiece 1. During a call, press Left key once to mute the mouthpiece; 2. While the mouthpiece is muted, you cannot press any number key to send digits down the line; 3. Press Left key again to get back to the Call. Call Waiting HS315 DECT has a Call Waiting feature that works with Caller ID service from your telephone service operator. When you’re engaged on a PSTN ongoing call, if you receive a second Skype call,

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all 5. Press Left key to toggle the phone connection. (If you want to hook down the Skype call, press Right key to enter option and Scrolling button to select Hook down, then press Left key) To Make a Skype Conference Call: 1. When you already engaged on an ongoing call, if another Skype call is received, press Right key to enter option menu; 2. Then press Scrolling button to select Hook up and press Left key; 3. Press Right key to enter opt

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all Phone Book Up to 50 records could be stored in each handset's Phone Book. Each record can store up to 20 digits, and names of up to 10 characters. In standby mode, press Right key, and the display shows phonebook list. To Enter Phone Book mode: There are two ways to enter Phone Book mode as following: · Select Phonebook under menu mode. · Press Right key to enter Phonebook mode directly. To Store New Number int

Краткое содержание страницы № 18

U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all 2. Select the number you want to delete, then press Left key, then Scrolling button till to the location Delete; 3. Now press Left key to delete current number or all numbers; the display shows Delete? ; 4. Press Left key to delete the number/numbers. To Modify (Change) a Number in Phonebook 1. Under Phonebook mode, press Scrolling button to scroll through the stored numbers; 2. Select the number you want to modify, then press Left key, th

Краткое содержание страницы № 19

U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all 2. Press Left key to enter Option menu, then Scrolling button to the location Skype out; 3. Press Left key to place Skype Out call. Call Lists You must subscribe to Caller ID service from your service provider to use this feature. Call Logs store information related to Received calls, Missed calls and Dialed calls. HS315 can store up to a maximum of 30 calls, consisting of 10 Received, Missed and Dialed calls respectively. To

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U Us se er r M Ma an nu ua all 5. Press Left key to store it. To Delete Call Records 1. See steps 1-3 above; 2. Select one number, then press Left key and Scrolling button to the location Delete Current or Delete All 3. Press Left key, the display shows “Delete?” 4. Press Left key to confirm. To Check Notification Alert You must subscribe to Notification service from your service provider to use this feature. 1. Select Call list under menu mode; 2. Press Left

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