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AVerMedia Technologies tv box user manual
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FCC NOTICE This device has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a commercial, industrial or business environment. This equipment can generate, use and radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no

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Contents Introduction.............................................................................................1 What’s in the Package.......................................................................1 The AVerMedia® AVerTV Box Unit...................................................2 The Touch Button Control Panel.......................................................2 Infrared Sensor.................................................................................2 Connection Ports

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Introduction Thank you for purchasing the AVerMedia® AVerTV Box! ® With the AVerMedia AVerTV Box, you can turn your VGA/Mac monitor or LCD projector into a TV with or without even having to turn on your computer. Just plug it into your monitor or LCD projector and you’re ready to watch TV or play video games. AVerTV Box is completely plug-n-play. There is no software driver required. What’s in the Package ® Your AVerMedia AVerTV Box package contains the following items: T

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® AVerMedia AVerTV Box ® The AVerMedia AVerTV BOX Unit Touch Button Control Panel The Touch Button Panel found on the top side of the AVerTV Box provides quick access to commonly used functions. POWER Turn the unit on /off POWER AV/PC AV/PC Press this button to toggle between TV/Video and PC display VOLUME VOLUME CHANNEL Press the LEFT button to decrease and RIGHT button to increase the volume level CHANNEL Press the LEFT button to go down and to RIGHT button go up to the

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User’s Manual Connection Ports The port connectors allow connection of your TV antenna, PC, VGA/Mac monitor or LCD projector, speakers, video, s-video, or analog composite video source etc. Left & Right Audio2 In Video2 In Speaker Connection S-Video TV Power Antenna Adapter VGA Out VGA In Speaker Connection Analog Composite Video Input to monitor from PC AVerMedia AVerTV Box Back Panel Left & Right Audio1 In Video1 In Video Out Audio Out AVerMedia A

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® AVerMedia AVerTV Box Installation and Setup Connecting the VGA/ Mac monitor or LCD Projector Connect the monitor cable or the VGA extension cable (not supplied) to the AVerTV Box VGA OUT port. For MAC, use a monitor adapter (optional) to make the connection. VGA Monitor Mac Monitor Monitor Adapter (optional) VGA Cable (not supplied) LCD PROJECTOR Connecting the Computer You can use AVerTV Box with or without using the computer. To switch to PC anytime or watch in PIP

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User’s Manual Connecting the Antenna Attach the antenna or cable TV to the ANT port of AVerTV Box. TV Antenna (75) Ω Connecting an Audio Cable Plug the stereo end of the supplied audio cable Sound Card STEREO CONNECTOR to your sound card LINE OUT port and Audio Cable the other two RCA connectors to the (supplied) AUDIO2 IN port of AVerTV Box. NOTE: This type of connection allows you to RCA CONNECTORS have audio at all times and to adjust the volume from the AVerTV B

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® AVerMedia AVerTV Box Example: ® Video Game (e.g. Nintendo, ® Camcorder Sega, Dreamcast, Video & Audio Cable Connecting a Video Source ® & PlayStation2) (not supplied) Composite Video: Connect a video To Video Out and Left/Right Audio Out cable (not supplied) to the video out of Composite Video Source of the video device and to the VCR AVerTV Box VIDEO IN port. Connect an audio cable to the left & right audio out of the video device and to the AVerTV Box left & right AUDIO1 IN

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User’s Manual ® Using the AVerMedia AVerTV Box ® Using AVerMedia AVerTV Box for the First Time ® When you power on the AVerMedia AVerTV Box for the first time, it will automatically proceed to the Set Area of Setup Menu no. 2. Since TV signals vary in different countries, you need to select the appropriate signal. Refer to the table below for country signals. NTSC-M SECAM-DK SECAM-L PAL -I PAL -BG PAL -DK USA-STD RUSSIA FRANCE UK HUNGARY POLAND-1 USA-HRC UKRAINE HK EUROPE POLAND-2 US

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® AVerMedia AVerTV Box AV/PC POWER Turn the AVerTV To toggle between BOX on/off TV/Video or PC display CHANNEL TV/VIDEO Go up or down to the Switch between TV or Video next TV channel line up NUMBER BUTTONS To select a TV channel VOLUME Increase/Decrease 100 volume level Press this button first for cable channels over 100 CHANNEL RETURN TELETEXT(for Europe) Go to the previously Press to view teletext * selected channel SLEEP DISPLAY To automatically turn off Dis

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User’s Manual Menu No. Function Usage General Menu-1 CH Fine Tune To adjust TV picture. PC BGM To activate/deactivate background sound. Video Source To watch video from the external source. TV Source To switch to air or cable TV. Display Mode To change the display resolutions. Setup Menu-2 Autoscan To search and memorize all active channel line up in your area. Scan All Freq To scan frequency starting from ××.25 MHz and increasing by 1 MHz at a time. CH Add/Del To reprogra

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® AVerMedia AVerTV Box Fine Tuning If TV reception is not clear, choose CH FINE TUNE from Menu-1 and press the Left and Right buttons on the remote until the TV picture becomes clearer. Switching the Background Sound If you want to continue listening to the TV or video sound while you work with your PC, choose PC BGM from Menu-1 and select ON to turn on the background sound. The sound of the television channel will continue while you work on your PC. You can press the AV/PC

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User’s Manual Changing the Display Mode To change the display resolution, choose DISPLAY MODE from Menu-1 and press the Left and Right buttons on the remote to select from the list of standard resolutions which the AVerTV Box support in full screen. Channel Presetting There are two types of Channel Preset functions for memorizing active TV channels: • Autoscan If this is your first time to use the AVerTV Box, first use autoscan to memorize all active TV channels in your area. a

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® AVerMedia AVerTV Box To memorize channels using scan all frequency, choose SCAN ALL FREQ from Menu-2 and select YES to start scanning the new frequencies. As the AVerTV Box finds an active channel, it will assign the frequency to a new channel. You can interrupt and cancel the process anytime by pressing the Left or Right buttons on the remote. Scan all frequency can also search for channels with xx.75 MHz or xx.50 MHz frequency, but such channels will still be memorized as having

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User’s Manual 4. Select ADD to include or DEL to remove the channel number in the channel line up then press the left or right button. Note: Press the 100+ button for channel number over 100. To switch to any channel number lower than 100, press the tenths digit number then press last digit of the number you want. In case you have accidentally entered the wrong number in the USER CH and CATV CH, you need to exit and call up the menu display by pressing the MENU button. Area Selectio

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® AVerMedia AVerTV Box Switching the PIP Border If you want to turn off the PIP border, choose PIP BORDER from Menu-4 and select OFF.In PIP mode, the colored border will disappear. To turn on the PIP border, select ON. The table below lists the display resolutions which the AVerTV Box can support. Computer/ Operating Dis play Maximum Vertical Recommended System Resolution Frequency IBM PC 640 × 480 85 Hz 60 Hz 800 × 600 70 Hz 60 Hz Mac 640 × 480 75 Hz 60 Hz Note: When your

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User’s Manual Using Teletext (option) For European countries, the AVerTV Box provides the Teletext function which allows users to receive digital information from TV stations that broadcast such information. Teletext data is widely used in Europe and is transmitted along with normal television programs. The AVerTV Box can decode the teletext data and display the resulting information on your computer screen. TV stations transmit teletext data in pages. Each page takes only a few seconds

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® AVerMedia AVerTV Box Selecting a Teletext Page There are many ways of selecting a teletext page : • To enter a teletext page number, press on the NUMBER buttons 0 ~ 9. • To view the next upper or lower teletext page, press the up s and down arrow t buttons or the CHANNEL t s buttons on the remote. • To return to the index page (i.e., page 100), press the 100 button. • To go directly to the next upper or lower 100th page, press the JUMP 100 PAGES button (labeled as VOLUME t s buttons o

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User’s Manual LIMITED WARRANTY AVerMedia TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. warrants this product to be free of defects resulting from faulty manufacture or components under the following terms: WARRANTY LENGTH Labor is warranted for (1) one year from the date of purchase. Parts are warranted for (1) one year from the date of purchase. Replacement products will be warranted for the remainder of the one year warranty period or (30) thirty days, whichever is longer. WHO IS PROTECTED This warranty is enf

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